Environmental Policy

We, SHOWA VALVE CO., LTD., as a team of fluid control specialists covering its entire process of production, marketing, maintenance, and technology, hereby promise to contribute to global society in the present and the future, basing on the following course of actions, not only to develop global economy and technology, but also to conserve beautiful natural environment on the earth.

  1. Make effort to design, produce products and provide services from the perspective of reduction of waste.
  2. Promote more efficient use of energy and resources to reduce environmental load.
  3. Comply with environmental laws and other environmental regulations.
  4. Continuously maintain the environment management system (EMS), provide its environmental policy to all employees and interested parties in order to raise their awareness of environmental impact (EI) and encourage them to translate the awareness into their actions and results.
  5. Release this Environmental Policy in the proper ways both inside and outside of the company.