Warranty Policy

Warranty Period

SHOWA manufactured products are warranted free of original defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1) 18 months from the date of shipment to first user or 2) a year from the date of first operation of the product. 1) or 2) are applied whichever comes first.

Warranty and Disclaimer

Only if in the period noted above, SHOWA will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace defective material, free of charge, if returned to SHOWA’s factory, transportation charges prepaid.
This warranty does not apply if,

  1. Defects result from inappropriate using, installing, operating products whatever the ways not to be mentioned in catalogue or specifications, SHOWA confirmed.
  2. Defects are caused by other equipment rather than the product itself.
  3. The product has been altered or repaired by others.
  4. Defects result from a usage under not only inappropriate condition that is not mentioned in given design specification, but also the unexpected condition that the specification could cover.
  5. Defects are come with wearing Seat Ring/Grand Packing.
  6. Defects are attributable to the lack of refilling expendables, such as lubricants.
  7. Defects are attributable to the lack of maintenance and inspection, especially when the product is under frequent usage, such as switching operation.
  8. Defects are caused by electric or air sources.
  9. Defects are caused by a stuck with foreign substances in a flow of the product.
  10. Defects result from inappropriate storage, such as outside storage.
  11. Defects result from natural disaster, such as fire, flood, and earth quake.
  12. It seems SHOWA is NOT responsible for the defects, for all other cases.

This warranty only covers defects of SHOWA product itself, not any other damages, even if the damages were caused by the defected product.

Some SHOWA products have a possibility to be discontinued or remodeled without any announcement. For these products, including the parts, SHOWA would not undertake their overhaul/repair. SHOWA would appreciate your kind understanding.